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Small talk parenting newsletters

Small Talk is a monthly newsletter series of 13 editions - supporting parents from late pregnancy through to baby’s first birthday.

The Small Talk newsletter series provides evidenced-based information on feeding, settling, play and baby’s development milestones. In the back of each edition is a comprehensive list of agencies families can contact for additional support.

Hard copies of all Small Talk editions are available for borrowing from any Gold Coast library.

Small Talk - Before Birth

The development of your baby before it’s born and the amazing things that he or she can already do. The importance of looking after yourself by resting, relaxing and sleeping. How baby is moving and positioning for birth, signs of labour and when to go to hospital. Important vaccinations.

Small Talk - Edition 1

Your baby’s development physically, emotionally and socially. Why your baby cries. Tips on making your baby’s world interesting. Making your environment safe for the baby at home and in the car. Plus information on premature babies.

Small Talk - Edition 2

Further developing the attachment with your baby. Talking and the importance of developing positive feeding and sleep patterns. Common breastfeeding problems plus how men are important in baby’s life and roles they can take. Postnatal feelings and managing the changes in your relationships.

Small Talk - Edition 3

Playing, talking and reading. Bonding with your baby and protective aspects of breast milk. General guidelines on your baby’s progress. Returning to work, tips for saving money, and becoming more active through exercise and stretching.

Small Talk - Edition 4

Looks at play time, cuddles and providing visual stimulation for your baby. Developing a good sleeping pattern and keeping the baby safe. Immunisations and information for parents on coping with stress. How dad can help, creating a healthy balance between work and family.

Small Talk - Edition 5

‘Parentese’, our universal mother tongue. Parenting with a disability. Watching for food readiness and tips for creating a regular sleeping pattern. Positive parenting, keeping your baby safe and healthy and choosing the right high chair.

Small Talk - Edition 6

Talking, reading and memory games. Teething, moving your baby onto solid foods, choking prevention and what to do if your baby chokes. Plus preparing for 6 month vaccinations. Family management and looking after your mental health.

Small Talk - Edition 7

Speech and language, encouraging your baby to eat a variety of foods, baby-proofing your home. Choosing the right baby sitter and a reality checklist for some parenting myths and facts.

Small Talk - Edition 8

How to stay calm as your baby explores the world around them. Eating solid foods and self-feeding, ‘4 Steps to Better Sleep’ for those babies waking a lot at night. The importance of sun safety. The benefits of the toy library and the joys of playgroup.

Small Talk - Edition 9

Encouraging and rewarding your baby. The importance of play and establishing a routine. Dealing with a sick baby including where to find information and support.

Small Talk - Edition 10

Positive parenting, the introduction of finger foods, issues that may contribute to your baby having disrupted sleep. Overcoming fears and how to manage high temperatures and where to seek medical attention.

Small Talk - Edition 11

Tips on encouraging your baby to do the right thing. Choosing nutritious foods for your baby and managing food allergies or intolerances. Making the environment safe for your baby to get ready to walk. Tips for returning to work and how to choose quality childcare.

Small Talk - Edition 12

Keeping your baby calm, maintaining relationships, transitioning to different types of food. Tips on staying connected to your child’s development and preparing for your baby’s first dental check. Immunisations for this month.

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Last updated 21 Dec 2016