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Healthwaves+ is Gold Coast Health's bi-monthly community newsletter. The newsletter features news and information on our local health services and is distributed across GP waiting rooms, libraries, hospital, and community health facilities.

Healthwaves February - March 2012

Inside this issue

  1. New Gp Specialty for interns
  2. LHHN and GCML
  3. Bursary winner
  4. ED research
  5. Foundation news
  6. Laryngectomee visitor
  7. Robina Hospital library open

Healthwaves December - January 2012

Inside this issue

  1. Aged care disaster planning
  2. New services at Robina
  3. International conference bid
  4. Immunisation
  5. Elders input sought on health
  6. Staff excellence awards wrap up

Healthwaves October - November 2011

Inside this issue

  1. Statewide award for community mental health service
  2. Research insight
  3. Commuincation streamlined at Robina
  4. Patient positives
  5. Wheelchair drive
  6. Public infor screens available
  7. Long time coming for long servicng staff

Healthwaves June - July 2011

Inside this issue

  1. New equipment means better care
  2. GCUH has reached the top
  3. Robina opens new wards
  4. Volunteers recognised
  5. Allied Health has a vision
  6. Fondation thanks Beth
  7. Team Health has runs on the board

Healthwaves April - May 2011

Inside this issue

  1. Harmony Day celebrations
  2. Go Live for EMR
  3. Construction Milestones
  4. Hospital station emerges
  5. Foundation CEO Appointed
  6. Nurses Education goes ot the next level
  7. Heros on the run

Last updated 1 Feb 2017