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Healthwaves+ is Gold Coast Health's bi-monthly community newsletter. The newsletter features news and information on our local health services and is distributed across GP waiting rooms, libraries, hospital, and community health facilities.

Healthwaves August - October 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Magnet attracts excellence
  2. Breaking the ICE forum
  3. National recognition for Gold Coast Health
  4. Canine companions make a difference
  5. Big hand for little patients
  6. Under the international spotlight

Healthwaves October - November 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Waiting times slashed
  2. Neurodevelopment Exposure Disorder Service launch 
  3. Distinguished award for Dr Graham Jay
  4. Satellite clinics for youth substance use issues
  5. Newborns enrolled directly into Medicare
  6. Generous donor helps baby Kai go home

Healthwaves June - July 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Board news
  2. Robots go live
  3. Gold Coast Obesity summit
  4. Innovation and recognition
  5. A real-life win for patients
  6. Celebration and rememberance

Healthwaves April - May 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Board news
  2. Continuing to close the gap
  3. Connecting Mental Health Services
  4. Helping New Mothers in danger

Healthwaves February - March 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Board news
  2. Gold Coast Health – a magnet for success
  3. Graduate nurses join ranks of health service
  4. Consumer feedback improves your healthservice
  5. Watchhouse Team claims top nursing prize
  6. Local shoppers help sick children stand and walk
  7. Gold Coast Health proves attractive for interns

Last updated 1 Feb 2017