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Emergency Department Collaborative Research Group

We are the overarching group for research conducted in the Emergency Department. Our vision is to embed research in clinical practice and education and inform new guidelines and policy.

In 2019, our group published more than 67 articles in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to more than 60 research projects, and were part of successful grant submissions totalling more than $4.5 …

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Latest Emergency Department Research News

ABC interview about coronavirus impact: Dr Jamie Ranse from our ED research team's service delivery pillar and Griffith University, explains why…

Supporting the oldest rule of medicine - first, do no harm, a study co-funded by the Emergency…

Griffith University has received $1.5 million in funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council, and matched support from national…

Current projects

Children present to emergency departments on a daily basis where sedation is required in order to conduct painful or distressing medically…

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Acute hypoxic respiratory distress (AHRF) such as pneumonia, caused by an infection imposes the greatest health care burden on non-elective…

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This multicenter study has two primary aims; (1) we will assess Emergency Department-level variation in the use of CT scanning of the brain (CTB)…

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Is it time for a culture change? Blood culture collection in the emergency department

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oneED: Embedding a mindfulness‐based wellness programme into an emergency department

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Acute otitis media in children presenting to the emergency department: Is it diagnosed and managed appropriately?

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Last updated 29 Nov 2019