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5th Annual Gold Coast Endoscopy Symposium

This year our major theme is Quality in Endoscopy and we hope to have several discussions and debates around quality and best practice recommendations for our routine endoscopic practice.

1-2-3 for a Health Ready GC

Have you thought about how health needs fit into your emergency plan?

Integrated Care

For queries from our partner general practices and patients please phone 1300 004 242.

GP access to The Viewer

Queensland General Practitioners (GPs) have online access to patient information through Queensland Health’s read-only application, The Viewer.

Care at the end of life

Care at the end of life may be provided in your home, hospital, palliative care unit, a residential aged care facility or hospice, and is available for people at any age.

Health promotion

We deliver health promotion and disease prevention programs focusing on keeping people healthy.

Last updated 09 Feb 2017