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Food safety and standards

We enforce the Food Act 2006 and Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code to ensure food is safe for eating, meets labelling, advertising and compositional requirements and standards.

What we do

  • Provide expert advice on food safety, composition and labelling 
  • Manage and investigate foodborne illness outbreaks
  • Investigate complaints regarding food safety and standards
  • Investigate prescribed contaminant in food notifications and recalls, food contamination, and ACCC food reports 
  • Audit state school tuckshops, and food manufacturers; 
  • Conduct Food Sampling surveys and implement local and state-wide compliance projects
  • Partner with stakeholders including local government and Safe Food Production Qld.

City of Gold Coast environmental health officers also have a role in food safety as they are responsible for licensing food businesses and auditing them to identify health and environmental impacts. They also offer food safety training courses (non-accredited) and handle food service complaints related to practices that pose a risk to public health (phone: 1300 465 326 or 07 5582 8211 email:

Last updated 13 Mar 2018