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Elective surgery waiting lists

Gold Coast Health is committed to treating elective surgery patients within medically recommended times. Assessment is based on the patient’s condition and symptoms and is assigned by a medical specialist.

The national definitions for elective surgery categories are:

Gold Coast Health has made substantial progress in achieving this commitment and is proud to show evidence of this work in the data below.

It is a snapshot of Gold Coast Health’s current elective surgery wait list as of the first day of the month.  It is accurate at time of publication however it will change as patients are added, treated and removed from the elective surgery wait list. If you have any questions, you can call our Outpatients Department directly on weekdays between 7:30am-5pm on 1300 559 083.

The information is updated each month and available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


After obtaining a referral from a GP, the patient is given an appointment at a specialist outpatient clinic. Their condition is assessed and a course of treatment is decided by the patient and their health team. If this involves surgery, the specialist will give the patient an urgency category and place them on the elective waiting list. The category system ensures that all patients who need surgery can be treated in order of priority. There are three urgency categories, where 1 is most urgent and 3 is least urgent.

Category Description

Category 1

A condition that could get worse quickly to the point that it may become an emergency. Patient should have surgery within 30 days of being added to the waiting list.
Category 2 A condition causing some pain, dysfunction or disability, but is not likely to get worse quickly or become an emergency. patient should have surgery within 90 days of being added to the waiting list.
Category 3 A condition causing minimal or no pain, dysfunction or disability, which is unlikely to get worse quickly and which does not have the potential to become an emergency. Patient should have surgery within 365 days of being added to the waiting list.

Last updated 12 Feb 2018