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Lavender Mother and Baby Unit

The Lavender Mother and Baby Unit is a four bed specialist state-wide acute service located at Gold Coast University Hospital. The unit provides specialist care for women who require admission to hospital for significant mental health difficulties in the first year following childbirth that impact on their ability to function in everyday life and to care for their child.  Women and their babies will be admitted if the mother has significant mental health problems such as severe depression, anxiety, or a psychotic illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or postpartum psychosis who cannot be safely managed in the community.

The unit is supported by the Lavender Perinatal Mental Health Community Team who will assess and triage potential referrals to the Lavender unit and facilitate with discharge back to the referring service. Where a referral is not accepted, the team can provide consultation and liaison to develop a treatment plan and/or provide sign posting to local services.

Inpatient Services provided

The unit is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist who is supported by a multidisciplinary team of mental health nurses, occupational therapist, social worker, clinical psychologist, dietitian, physiotherapist, and Infant mental health liaison. Additionally, the service is supported by Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service’s Community Child Health Service and Paediatrics regarding the baby’s health, wellbeing and development. 

How to access the service

This service is accessed via medical practitioners and your local mental health services.

Eligibility criteria

The Lavender Mother and Baby Unit provides specialist care for women who require admission to hospital for significant mental health difficulties in the year following childbirth that impact on their ability to function in everyday life and to care for their child. The Unit can only provide care to women who reside in Queensland.

This includes women with:

  • postpartum psychosis
  • relapse of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder in the postpartum
  • severe anxiety and/or depressive disorder
  • women with complex mental health problems which may include a history of trauma, personality disorder and substance misuse that is impacting significantly on their parenting.

Who can refer?

  • General practitioner
  • Obstetrician
  • Paediatrician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Mental health services.

Information for service providers

How to make a referral
  • Assess woman based upon eligibility criteria.
  • If unsure regarding suitability for referral, please telephone Lavender Mother Baby Unit Intake on (07) 5687 7064 between 8am-4pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • Complete referral form and fax to (07) 5687 7814 or email to  
  • Referrals will be discussed during working hours as stated above and the referrer will be notified of the outcome within two (2) working days.  Should the referral be accepted, a further assessment will occur which either may be face to face or via video link with the patient and referrer.
  • The baby will require a pre-admission health screen to ensure that the baby is well and free of infectious diseases.  There is no capacity to admit ill infants.
  • For appropriate prioritisation of the referral, please provide weekly updates as a minimum via phone or email as above.
  • When a bed becomes available the referrer and patient will be contacted. The patient leaflet suggests what the mother should bring.
  • Lavender Mother and Baby Unit admissions are planned and will occur Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.
  • Please note that Lavender Mother and Baby Unit is not responsible for management of the patient prior to admission if there is a delay. The referrer holds the responsibility and governance of the woman and baby’s care and management until they are admitted.
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Opening hours:  8am-4pm

Last updated 13 Feb 2019