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School immunisation programs

Queensland’s School Immunisation Program (SIP) provides secondary school students in Year 7 and 10 with the opportunity to be protected from vaccine preventable diseases by receiving free immunisations. This program is part of the National Immunisation Program.

The Public Health Act 2005 requires school principals to disclose student and parent information to approved school immunisation providers, to allow them to:

  • reconcile returned consent cards for the School Immunisation Program against eligible students
  • follow-up with parents of students who have not returned a consent card to offer them the opportunity to participate in the School Immunisation Program, and
  • assist families to resolve concerns about their child’s immunisation needs.

Parents and guardians will be sent detailed information and consent forms in the first school term, prior to any school vaccination clinics. It is requested that all parents complete a consent form even if they do not want their child vaccinated at school as this allows us to confirm that the immunisation offer was received.

Please read the information about vaccines being provided in the Information for Parents and Legal Guardians Package before completing the Year 7 consent form. Please note: Gold Coast School Immunisation Program forms are slightly different to those provided in other areas of Queensland. Year 10 student consent forms for meningococcal vaccination program is accessible from the meningococcal vaccination program page.

Only students with a completed and signed consent form will be vaccinated.

Alterations can be made to your child’s consent to vaccination as follows. Up to 2 business days before immunisation takes place at the school by making a written request via email; or within 2 business days of immunisation a signed written request of changes to be sent with your child to take to the school immunisation team; or alternatively you need to meet in person with the school immunisation team to confirm that changes to your child’s consent have been received.

Please contact the immunisation team if you would like further information on the School Immunisation Program or call 1800 940 750.

Last updated 28 Feb 2019