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Healthwaves+ is Gold Coast Health's bi-monthly community newsletter. The newsletter features news and information on our local health services and is distributed across GP waiting rooms, libraries, hospital, and community health facilities.

Healthwaves October-November 18

  1. Gold Coast doctor the first Australian to win international award
  2. #team100 scores above and beyond for bone marrow day
  3. BBQ gifts precious family time with palliative care patients
  4. University partnership helping to shape careers

Healthwaves August-September 18

  1. ArtBeat book shines light on mental health
  2. Why you should be proud of your health service
  3. State of the art scanner for Gold Coast
  4. Compassionate care resonates with community
  5. Innovative program transforms Albert's life

Healthwaves June-July 18

  1. Keep hospital emergency for emergencies
  2. Health and knowledge precinct takes shape
  3. Positive patient outcomes from nurse navigator
  4. New service reduces hospital time for children
  5. Hospital food put to the taste test

Healthwaves Apr-May 18

Inside this issue

  1. Leading the way with breast cancer surgery
  2. Trauma patient pays tribute to staff
  3. New and expanded services at Varsity Lakes
  4. Time to talk about Advance Care Planning
  5. Going for gold at the Games​

Healthwaves Feb-Mar 18

Inside this issue

  1. Health planning for Commonwealth Games
  2. Women's health made easier thanks to telehealth
  3. Many patients now getting set for surgery
  4. Clinical research trials to increase at Gold Coast
  5. Operation Ouch makes special visit to GCUH 

Healthwaves Dec-Jan 18

Inside this issue

  1. Third public hospital for Gold Coast
  2. Data and artificial intelligence to transform healthcare
  3. Miracle Gold Coast triplets survive difficult start
  4. Generous donation improves outcomes for children 
  5. Green thumbs wanted for community garden

Healthwaves Oct-Nov 17

Inside this issue

  1. Medical detectives find deadly bacteria source 
  2. Artwork helps create sacred space for birthing mums
  3. 24/7 kids emergency care
  4. Young patient defies the odds
  5. Gold Coasters give so others live

Healthwaves Aug-Sept 17

Inside this issue

  1. Wellness initiative attracts international interest 
  2. Gold Coast teenagers urged to get free vaccinations
  3. Palm research gets a hand
  4. Have a ball with Hospital Heroes
  5. Staff support suicide prevention with socks

Healthwaves Jun-Jul 17

Inside this issue

  1. ICE team takes message to the community
  2. New unit to support new mums
  3. Speech service seeks stutterers
  4. Brave Alliyah’s fight for survival
  5. GCUH leading trial for trauma patients

Healthwaves April-May 17

Inside this issue

  1. The human side of ED
  2. Breaking down barriers in mental health
  3. Red alert on hidden sugars
  4. Innovative idea gives mums first look at newborns
  5. New Mental Health Act comes into effect
  6. Updated referrals reduces wait times

Last updated 01 Feb 2017