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Plain film x-ray reporting

Gold Coast Health publishes weekly data on the percentage of plain X-rays* reported on by specialist radiologists.

A new graph is uploaded every Friday reporting the previous six month (26 week) results. It features a breakdown of total X-rays reported on by a radiologist and total X-rays reported on within a 24-hour period over 7 days.

The move is part of Gold Coast Health's commitment to meeting Queensland Health’s 80 per cent plain X-ray reporting standard.

* Plain film X-rays are traditional X-rays that do not use contrast media eg. an ankle or a chest x-ray. Plain film x-rays are always checked by a radiographer in the first instance and then reviewed by the treating doctor. The x-rays are read by a specialist doctor (known as a radiologist, who specialises in image reading) who reports their findings in writing or in a verbal briefing.

Patient enquiries

Patients with questions are encouraged to phone 1800 224 447.

Last updated 02 Oct 2018